Carselona -daily is an on line daily car cleaning & maintenance platform fuelled by passion of hundreds of cleaners who have learned and upgraded their skills in vehicle cleaning & maintenance . Our passionate cleaners are constantly trained on providing exceptional value to customers.

Mechanically most automobiles differ in operating systems . However there is one maintenance that is universally required among all vehicles and that is the maintenance of its Body & surface . Elective packages of Carselona with Daily , weekly & quarterly cleaning preserves the body paint , seats , carpets dashboard , wheels , glass etc . Carselona package protects your wagon against paint scratches , paint staining tar , bird droppings & interior spills

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Our automobile indeed makes a purposeful & deliberate statement about us . We can call it “Identity Claim “ . It surely reflects our attitude , goals , our values , roles & our priorities . Our car shouts out “ This is Who I am & This is what matters to me “. Period
Is your vehicle always clean ?

It is important because , reality check , they tell a lot about your approach to life . A clean cabin and seats projects your practical & disciplined approach whereas untidy , dusty and shabby cabin reflects your lazy side . Honestly no matter what make , model or colour is of your vehicle and how great it looks from outside , it’s always a waste if the interiors are foul or dirty.
Can it be left to unorganized work force ?

We compromise . In India , wheels have evolved but their cleaning services have not . More than 90% of vehicle cleaning is done by unorganized work force and they are not professionally trained too .Customer compromises on the service quality as it is relatively cheaper and on the other hand cleaner delivers only for what he is paid for. Nothing more nothing less!

Now the question is , how to get your motor professionally cleaned ? One option is to switch this unorganized industry to organized one which would definitely mean laying off in mass numbers, or train them to work professionally and deliver better car cleaning services. has taken the initiative in this direction & it believes that proper training and development can make them professional in their work and can deliver better results at a very nominal cost . The package takes care of not just cleaning but complete maintenance of your motor . Clean & well maintained automobile is more of an aspiration.

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We strongly believe that a proper thorough wash or interior sanitization every 3 months is a must to remove the dirt & bonded contaminants that sits on the paint . That’s why Carselona has introduced innovative high value packages for customers to keep their machine clean all the time.

While cleaning and washing is one aspect of maintenance , Carselona also believes that “A stich in time , saves nine” . With Carselona elective package , customers can get a free check-up facility every quarter . Usually your machine runs almost 25 to 30k km every year and just like our body , our coach also need a routine health check- up during which problem can be diagnosed on time before it makes a big hole in customer’s pocket .

Carselona-daily is also in the process of introducing a comprehensive service module for all SOS repair needs , periodic maintenance and beautification thus giving an end to end solution to customers on the maintenance . Carselona is headquartered in Pune with registered office in Rajkot Gujrat.

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