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Weekly Cleaning

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Car Cleaning Kit

Free* worth INR 1000/- every three months

(*Your cleaner would use it every weekend to shine your car)

While daily wash keeps your car exteriors clean, weekly interior cleaning makes your car spotlessly clean both inside and outside

Our cleaners have been trained to follow step by step process to clean the interior cabinet, floor, roof, leather, plastics, vinyl etc. You can check the interior cleaning process explained in below illustration drawings. Our cleaners put that extra effort & time making your car look not just beautiful from outside but also fresh from inside
Some of us think of our cars as second homes. We certainly spend enough time in them . Lengthy commutes and busy lifestyle makes us spend enormous time in our vehicles . And on a daily basis , dirt and dust can build up taking time and energy to keep it tidy .
To have a lint- free and scratch free car cleaning experience , our cleansers mandatorily use Microfiber cloth . Usually air vents can get pretty dusty over the period of time , but those narrow slots make it tough to clean if its not done on a regular basis . Dashboard conditioning is another important thing our cleaners do every weekend to give it a nice shine . Windshield’s interior cleaning on a weekly basis improves the visibility . Its so much better to drive with a clear , undistracted view of everything . Weekly cleaning also ensures that your car is free from things that doesn’t stay in the car . You would be surprised how this simple weekly cleaning will save you from being swallowed by your stuff. Car mats are bound to get dirty everyday . Once in week if its scrubbed & cleaned with water , you will have no buildup of dirt over time and give your car fresh feeling every weekend .
Some of the mandatory cleaning done by us weekly are :
  • Tire cleaning and polishing .
  • Windshield wiper blades & windows.
  • Window top edge cleaning
  • Removal of bugs, tar & sap from the body .
  • Car headlight cleaning .
  • Car rim cleaning .
  • Grimy door handles
  • Keeping it fresh with carselona car care kit perfume .
  • Dashboard polishing
It really doesn’t matter whether you have the hottest car on the planet or not, but if its dirty, you’ll definitely not be able to impress anyone with your car. When someone sees a really dirty and messy car, they automatically assume that the guy inside is also messy, fair and square. Make sure to always keep your car clean as you can.
Inner wash. Carselona
Cleaner first Opens the door and take the floor mats out.
Inner wash. Carselona
Next he scrubs and clean all mats to remove the accumulated dust and dirt.
Inner wash. Carselona
In a weeks time dust gets accumulated under the floor mat and its removed first with a small brush and rinsed cloth .
Inner wash. Carselona
Next he cleans the roof to remove dust or stain if any.
Inner wash. Carselona
Then he opens the boot and cleans it thoroughly.
Inner wash
Next he cleans the Side panels of the door and removes dirt or stain if any.
Inner wash
After side panels , Cleaner would clean the Driver’s area including steering , dash board & and glove compartment.
Inner wash
Next he cleans the windshield & window glasses from inside to get that streak free visibility.
Inner wash
Once the car is cleaned properly, Cleaner would take out the dash board cleaner and applies it on the dash board for that extra protection and shine .