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frequently asked question

Do you have any fixed cost for car cleaning ?

Our prices are based on the city ,area and its prevalent prices. You can send us the details of your location and the model for us to revert with subscription price.

Can I cancel the subscription if I don’t like the service ?

It would be very sad to see you go but of course you can do that after the month is over.

What is the process of activating my account.

You can register yourself and ask for the service . We will depute a service provider in 24 hours

What are the benefits of Carselonadaily maintenance service ?

Numerous . Safer – Is your car getting wiped with Micro fiber cloth ? Not sure , isn’t it ? Any other cloth would damage the paint and shine of your car . With Carselona other cloth is not an option . Cleansing – Is your car getting wet on weekends or cleansed ? Carselona ensures the cleansing Kit is with you for us to do it every weekend without fail . In bay washing – Its important to have a in- bay washing done every 3 months irrespective of your car’s age . It removes the dirt and bonded contaminants that sits on the paint . Car sanitaisation - On average you spend 2 hours in your car every day. Keeping the interior neat and tidy is important even for your health and the overall care of your vehicle. With an extra INR 200, you can upgrade from daily cleaning to daily sanitization and sanitization of car every quarter. Free check up – Just like our body , our car also need periodic check to know its overall health . Carselona provides this free service to all its elective customers

What is the complete process of carselonadaily service ?

Its simple . Download the app & register yourself . Ask for a service provider & he would be assigned to you in 24 hours . Once you confirm the service , you will be given a Cleansing kit worth INR 500/- ( every two months ) . Cleaner would start his daily and weekly service as usual with unusual output . You can choose the date and time for In -bay car wash or sanitization in the calendar (every quarter) . Your car would be thoroughly cleaned for eight weeks regularly and post that you can choose to avail the In bay wash or sanitization service . Free check up is available from the day of your cars registration . Just click on the calendar and confirm the appointment . Pay monthly subscription online with multiple payment options .

If I don’t take your elective service , can I still pay basic amount to my regular cleaner thru Carselona app ?

yes . We recommend you to do so as we will be shortly introducing the complete car service and road side assistance facility to all Carselona members . This would be really helpful for you .

Do I need to drive myself to the workshop for car wash ?

yes . However , if you need pick up and drop we can provide that at a nominal cost

Whom should I contact if I am unsatisfied with the cleaning ?

You can get in touch with us on 6356879000 or write to us on ……………………. For instant response , our website has the provision of Online chat too
Still have a question? Contact us: [email protected]