Thank you for choosing Carselona Daily. We are delighted to welcome you to our family.
We invite you to spare few minutes to read the following important TERMS & CONDITIONS regarding our services:

Interior cleaning

We will clean car interiors once a week. This will be done using a vacuum cleaner. On this day, we will also polish the dashboards and clean the tyres, trims and bumpers. Our cleaner will come and collect the keys from you and will return them to you once the cleaning has been completed. Our cleaner will bring all the cleaning material and tools with them.

Exterior cleaning

We provide waterless cleaning for the exterior of the car. The frequency of the cleaning is as per the following:
Weekly cleaning: Once a week (same day as interior cleaning)
Alternate days cleaning: Three days a week (one on the day of interior cleaning)
Daily cleaning: Six days a week (one on the day of interior cleaning)

Holidays and off days

We do not provide any service on Thursdays which is our weekly off. Any other holiday as the Govt guidelines will be observed and intimation will be sent to you in advance.

Cleaner assignment

We hire and train our cleaners carefully to provide you the best service. A cleaner will be assigned to you at the time of onboarding. This depends on the availability to the cleaners in your area at the time slot you have requested. There will be situations where it will become impossible for the original cleaner to continue (example : cleaner leaving the service). In such cases, we will find you another cleaner.

Replacement cleaner

It is our endeavour to ensure that your car is cleaned as per the schedule. There will be times when your designated cleaner has taken leave. We will provide you with a replacement cleaner. You will also receive a notification giving you the details of replacement cleaner.

Missed service

If we can not find a replacement cleaner, we will give you service credits. These service credits can be redeemed while your subscription is active through the App.

Not at home

If for some reason, you do not need cleaning to be done for a particular day(s), please let us know 24 hours in advance through the App. We will cancel that visit and give you a service credit which can be redeemed while your subscription is active. The redemption options are available on the App. If you do not inform us in time, we will consider it as service provided.

Interior cleaning, our cleaner will come and collect the keys from you at the scheduled hour. Please provide him the keys on arrival. If you are not at home, or don’t have the keys, our cleaner will clean the car from outside and we will consider this as service provided

Rainy days

During rainy season, services may be delayed due to weather. We will keep you informed through the App. We may not be able to provide service in case of heavy rain, flooding etc. Force majeure clause will apply in case any other unforeseen activity happened like riots, curfew, Govt lockdown etc.

Start and Renewal date

The Start date of your subscription is the first day of cleaning. Renewal dates will the same date of every subsequent month.


To maintain active service please ensure that the payment is made before the renewal date. Your subscription will become inactive if the payment is not received before the renewal date. We strongly suggest that you set up auto debit


We offer a price that is competitive and commensurate to the product and service we offer. Pricing can change if any of the factors affecting pricing change. We will give you 15 days notice before your renewal date before changing the price.

Safety and security

In order to protect our customers and cleaners, we recommend the following:
1. Please do not leave anything precious inside the car (including in the boot/trunk). Please make sure that there are no valuables before you hand over the keys to the cleaner.
2. Please check that the cleaner who comes to collect the keys is the one assigned to you. You can check his name, photo on the App.
3. Please report any issue immediately though the App, so that we can conduct a timely investigation.


We use waterless cleaning, which leaves the car dust resistant. However, we will not be held responsible in case car got dirty immediately after cleaning due to rain, dust etc. Its advisable to park your car in the shade / Portico / basement. Avoid parking under the tree as bird droppings and leaves can damage the car paint.

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